Gypsum is a mineral and is found in crystalline form within sedimentary rock formations. The manufacturers use ‘calcined gypsum’ as the base of drywall materials. The gypsum board is commonly known as a drywall/plasterboard/wallboard. This board has a noncombustible center along with paper-facers, and these features set this board apart from other boards, such as fiberboard/hardboard/plywood. The gypsum boards can create a continuous surface when the fastener heads or joints are covered with a joint compounding system. This surface is suitable for all types of interior decoration. The fire-resistant- and sound-reducing features increase the strength and tolerance of gypsum board, along with its durability and versatility.

Differences between Drywall & Plaster Wall

Each board of drywall is primarily composed of gypsum with papers covering the front, back, and four edges. This paper bonds chemically and mechanically to the board’s center of the drywall. Gypsum boards are available in different lengths and widths. These boards are easy to install. The alternative is to utilize plaster and lath to construct the plaster wall.

  • Use of plaster may deliver an elegant finish to the appearance of a wall. However, it is a labor-intensive process to install the plaster walls due to the need for special skills and training. On the other hand, it does not require special skills to install drywall panels. A drywall contractor may quickly screw the panels into the studs present on the wall. Hence, it is extremely easy to install gypsum boards.
  • Repairing the plaster on walls may be as simple as touching up the defects with a little bit of plaster to the reconstruction of an entire wall, especially when repairing the electrical or plumbing lines. It may turn into a complex repairing process. The restoration or reconstruction of drywall also includes multiple steps. However, it is an easier process with straightforward steps and it also completes within a shorter duration.
  • Applying plaster requires specialized skills. Hence, it is costlier to build plaster walls.
  • The plaster wall is heavier in texture. Hence, it offers better attenuation of sound. The drywall offers moderate attenuation of sound; however, it delivers excellent insulation of heat.
  • It is easier to hang decorative items on the gypsum board. You may push nails or a thumbtack into the wall to hang posters. In contrast, plaster walls do not lend themselves to this. A plaster wall may become chipped or develop cracks if you try to hammer nails into the walls.

Advantages of Gypsum Board or Drywall

You can install gypsum boards or drywall on all the walls of your room within a day. However, quicker installation is not the only benefit of using gypsum boards in a building.

Fire-Resistant Feature

Gypsum boards have a non-combustible core. This core contains chemically bonded water that slowly releases as steam when it comes in contact with fire. The steam retards the transfer of heat. The gypsum wall works as a heat-insulating barrier even after the complete release of water. The studies performed by ASTM-E-84 shows that gypsum boards have extremely low flame-spread and smoke density index. Hence, the occupants of a building remain safe during a fire if the walls are made of gypsum.

Sound-Dampening Effect

The core of ‘calcined gypsum’ can effectively prevent the transfer of sound from one location to another. Hence, you may use gypsum boards for effective soundproofing.

Extreme Durability

Walls and ceilings built with premium-quality gypsum boards can offer extraordinary dimensional stability. These boards may remain intact for years without showing signs of damage.

Economic & Versatile

It is possible for any building contractor to install a gypsum board in Miami, Florida. The installation of drywall does not require any specialized skill. Hence, it saves you from retaining the services of specially trained contractors who may charge higher rates for their skills. It is also possible to try a variety of interior decorations using gypsum boards. These strong boards do not break due to hammering and let you decorate rooms to your heart’s content.