Your front door is essentially what welcomes guests inside your home. As the point of entry for your visitors, it provides them with an initial impression of you and your personality. It also protects your house’s solemnity and keeps intruders out. The latest doorknobs combine utility and aesthetics, as they provide impregnable security for your home while also lending a stylish appearance. These doorknobs are available in various designs, materials and sizes. To prepare for the installation of a new doorknob, measuring the door’s thickness and dimensions isn’t sufficient. You also need to measure the door’s backset, crossbore and borehole before making a final selection or purchase.

Doors’ Backset

The backset’s size is the foremost important thing to consider before the replacement of hardware. The backset is the distance between the door’s edge and the borehole’s center. The backset’s length runs from 2-3/8 inches to 2-3/4 inches. You can use this length to correctly measure the latch’s size.

Borehole Size

You need to properly measure the borehole’s size during the selection of the door’s hardware. The borehole is the diameter of a door’s hole. You need this measurement in order for the replacement hardware to properly fit the doors. The deadbolts usually require boreholes that are 1/2 to 2-1/8 inches in diameter. The levers and handlesets need boreholes that are 2-1/8 inches in diameter.

Door Thickness

It is also essential to measure the door’s thickness before the installation of any door hardware. The standard thickness for interior doors is 1-3/8 inches. The basic thickness for an exterior door is 1-3/4 inches.

Latch Type

You also need to consider the latch’s type before purchasing the knob for an interior or exterior door. There are three different types of door latches available in today’s market.

  • You need no special preparation for drive-in latches. These latches require no trim plate.
  • The faceplate latches with rounded corners look nicer on the doors. The faceplate keeps the latch firmly in its position.
  • The faceplate latches with square corners offer improved security with stylish appearance.

Doorknob Selection

You need to determine the doorknob’s style depending upon the door’s position and your needs.

  • The doorknobs’ designs vary from exterior doors to interior doors. The exterior doors require knobs with keyholes or keypads to prevent intruders from coming inside.
  • You can be more selective during the selection of interior doorknobs.
  • You may put doorknobs without locks on the hall room/closet doors.
  • The doorknobs with turn button or push-in pin hole are ideal for bathroom or bedroom doors.

The measuring process and the process of latch selection may seem technical. However, these are essential steps for the selection of ideal doorknob and serve to narrow down the list of doorknobs for you.

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