Staining pressure-treated wood can go a long way in increasing the value of the product. High-quality stains include iron oxide pigments, which if applied over pressure-treated wood can prevent the wood’s color from fading and can preserve its quality over a longer time. This pressure-treated wood will also be well protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun if immersed in a high-quality stain. To know more about how staining pressure-treated wood can be a profitable business for you, read on.

Minimizes Risk

When you stain pressure-treated wood, you considerably increase its potential value while simultaneously minimizing risks. There is less labor and time required in getting your pressure-treated wood stained in high quality, while the risk involved is also minimal.

Increases Profit

If you add a pre-stained solution to any wood product line then you can sell such products to more and more accounts, and in doing so, generate greater profits for both your clients and yourself. Potentially substantial monetary gains are one of the main reasons why staining pressure-treated wood is such a good idea. There is a huge demand for wood products that feature high-quality stains, given the long shelf life, great appearance and texture that these items typically boast.

Ensures a Safe and Secure Working Environment for Employees

You can maintain a completely safe work environment for your employees when you decide to sell stain pressure-treated wood products. Staining pressure-treated wood is something that entails the use of low-odor, non-flammable and VOC-compliant materials, so health and fire hazards are greatly reduced. You will not be violating any environmental regulations either,  allowing you to complete your work in a smooth, efficient and hassle-free manner without any legal complications.

Helps to Conserve Time and Energy due to Reduced Rack Time

You will significantly be able to conserve both energy and time when you stain pressure-treated wood. Since waterborne stains tend to dry very quickly, the amount of rack time required is less. You can see the waterborne stains drying within just a few hours of these having been applied on pressure-treated wood. Therefore, you can considerably increase output and production for commercial use.

Easy Cleanup

The cleanup process following stained wood production is also significantly simplified. This is because waterborne stains are easily removeable with the use of soap and water. Furthermore, less time is needed to clean the equipment involved in the production process, allowing you to complete the cleaning process within an hour or so.

Helps in Improving Customer Satisfaction

If you are looking to improve customer satisfaction with the wood products that you offer, then staining pressure-treated wood would be one of the best things to do. The environmentally friendly chemicals that are used for manufacturing high-quality stains allow the pressure-treated wooden products to retain their quality and color for longer duration. The fact that these wooden products are UV-resistant and highly durable make it possible for your customers to use them for a long time before having to buy repurchase.

We hope this article has shared valuable information with you about this new methodology. To know more about staining pressure-treated wood simply contact us here.