The usefulness of plywood is immense, as these sheets are used in the manufacturing of various items. Plywood sheets are used in the making of flooring, doors, dividing panels or decorative furnishing items. However, AA-grade hardwood plywood is also used in the aviation industry. This versatility and durability make plywood sheets the most useful natural resources in this world for the construction of different items.

The efforts to bring more growth into the wood industry without hurting the environment has increased the demand for plywood sheets. At present, the total value of the plywood industry is around $8.4 billion. There are several commercial sectors that depend on this natural resource.

Sources of Plywood

Plywood sheets come from two different sources. Softwood plywood comes from coniferous trees such as cedar, pine, spruce, fir or redwood. Hardwood plywood comes from angiosperm trees. Hardwood plywood has more durability, strength and hardness.

Uses of Plywood

Frames & Furnishing Items

Plywood sheets are used in the construction of various materials inside or outside the house. These sheets are used to make flooring or to manufacture framework for wet concrete. You may use plywood sheets to make decorative partitions inside a room or to make external walls. These sheets can make durable frames for doors, as well as for window shutters.

Plywood sheets are also used to manufacture a variety of furnishing items such as tables, chairs, desks or countertops. Decorative furnishing items generally use melamine veneers. Contractors use this veneer to build elegant furnishing items without increasing the manufacturing cost.

Plywood has made wooden furnishing items accessible for everyone. A cabinet made from wooden panels is extremely costly, putting it out of the price range of many consumers. On the other hand, cabinets made from plywood sheets are available at pocket-friendly costs. Craftsmen can retain the look of wooden furniture and offer the same level of durability when using plywood sheets. Artefacts made from plywood sheets are also lighter in weight and easier to handle.

Aviation Industry

Aviation-grade plywood sheets are made from mahogany/birch woods. These sheets use a special adhesive to resist the attacks of heat/humidity and to remain intact in harsh climate conditions.

Art & Culture

A-grade plywood sheets have little-to-no imperfections and a smooth surface. The A-grade, A/B-grade or A/C-grade sheets are not only flexible and durable, they are also easily paintable. It is also possible to cut these plywood sheets without noticing any damage. Hence, artists often use plywood sheets to make innovative and elegant artefacts.


Plywood is a natural resource that has usefulness in different industries. It’s used to make artistic creations, useful furnishing items or aircraft parts with equal efficiency. Plywood also makes it possible to build these items in an environmentally friendly manner and without going over one’s budget.