With a plethora of door panels available on the market, it becomes a daunting task to select the perfect product for your needs. Additionally, there are several factors to consider for making the buying decision. For instance, you need to consider the door’s durability and strength because it protects your house from the intruders. Also, you must consider the design and style of the door and now it complements the interior and exterior décor of your house. Evaluating the door’s build, design and style will help you in the selection process. Many homeowners prefer either flush doors or panel doors because of their distinctive style and features. In this article, we share a detailed description of the doors in order to help you make an informed buying decision. Read on to find out more:

Key Differences between Panel Door and Flush Door

Based on their unique structures, it is easy to differentiate between a panel door and a flush door. A panel door is more decorative than the flush door because it has several panels.

Flush doors have a simple structure, unlike the elaborate ornamentation of panel door. A single solid piece of wood is sufficient to construct a flush door without the need of excessive ornamentation. The sleek appearance of these doors beautifully complements the look of contemporary interior décor.

  • A panel door is less stable than a flush door due to the presence of many wooden panels.
  • The ease of construction also makes a flush door more economical than the panel door.
  • A flush door can resist the twisting with excellent stability due to the single solid wooden structure.
  • A flush door offers excellent resistance against scratches, stains or environmental damages caused by humidity.
  • A panel door looks more elegant in comparison to a flush door, and you can alter its appearance as per the rooms’ décor.

Why Choose Panel Doors?

Panel doors are undoubtedly more decorative than flush doors. Hence, they enhance the appearance of both contemporary and traditional interior decorations. It is also possible to find different types of panel doors due to a variation in the styling of wood panels.

  • If you like simplicity, then you may choose a panel door with one or two panels. The doors with three/four/five/six panels can transform your rooms’ appearance by providing a decorative look. They can impress your guests with their style and can speak to your taste for elegance.
  • The panels on high-quality doors can expand and contract in direct proportion to the environmental humidity. Hence, a panel door offers excellent durability and longevity.

Why Choose Flush Doors?

Flush doors also offer variety in terms of construction, as there are solid- and hollow-structure doors.

  • Solid doors have plywood sheeting on top of the solid core material. The solid core of a flush door can limit the movement of noise/heat and works as a great insulator.
  • The larger and uniform frame alongside the compact solid wood fillers makes the flush door stronger.
  • Dust/dirt particles do not settle easily over the non-wavy surface of a flush door. Hence, it is easier for you to clean the flush doors and maintain a sanitized ambiance.

We hope this article will help you take an informed purchase decision. We at Florida Lumber have a great supply of flush doors and panel doors at the right price.