Door knobs, deadbolts, lock-set and door stops undergo wear and tear due to regular usage. It is essential to replace or upgrade the damaged or outdated items in order to keep your home secure. However, when installing the latest door hardware, it’s important to evaluate the door’s style, purpose and lock-set mechanism during the process.

Hinging Option

Doors need hinges to flexibly swing in one or both directions. The hinges also support the doors’ weight. Hence, hinges are vital parts of a door. Hinges are generally available in two major categories – basic and stylish. You may choose the hinge’s design based on the design of door’s handle. The hinges are attached to the door’s inside edge and the wall. The knuckle/ lift-off arrangement/pin setup on a hinge’s wings is visible from the inside of the room.

Diversified Door Handles

The handle-set package, as its name implies, consists of a set of a handle and latch. The lockset package includes a handle, lock and door latch. Inexpensive knob or pull handles have neither a lock nor a latch. The stylish, decorative and pricey handles have both security options available.

  • It is prudent to choose a door handle with a beveled-edge latch bolt for added security. The bolt moves into the door jamb and prevents the door from opening once it is shut.
  • The handles with privacy locks are perfect for bathroom or bedroom doors. An individual can engage these locks only from the inside of a room. The emergency release tool for privacy locks is extremely utilitarian in households with young children.
  • The handles for sliding doors either have a simplistic latch-lock mechanism or key- based locking system.
  • The locksets of exterior doors either include a deadbolt locking mechanism or locks with keys. The knob/lever/loop-shaped exterior handles contain the lever to operate the latch. The exterior locksets and handle sets are more stylish and decorative than the interior locking tools.

Additional Security Measures

Deadbolt Security

You can engage the deadbolts from the inside of your room using a thumb-turn or lever. You can open the deadbolt with a key either from the inside or outside of the room. The deadbolt locks stay separated from the door’s handle. An individual can only open the lock with a key or a significant turn of the knob. These features provide enhanced security to your rooms. The durability and strength of deadbolt depend upon the metal.

Chains & Guards

The door chains/guards allow you to keep the door ajar while you converse with someone. You can disengage the chain/guard once the door is entirely closed. The person standing outside cannot open the door due to this security feature. It is wise to purchase a sturdy door chain/guard.

Door Immobilizers/Bumpers

Door Bumpers

It is possible to mount the door bumpers on the doors, walls, hinges and floors. These bumpers prevent the doors from scratching, denting or chipping the wallpaper or wall’s color upon impact.

  • Most durable door bumpers are made of high quality rubber material.
  • The bumpers with small metal shafts have tight metal coils and additional springs. These bumpers are placed close to the floor to prevent the doors from hitting the wall.
  • The half dome-styled bumpers are placed onto the floor. These bumpers lessen the door’s motion after opening.
  • The hinge pin door stops that contain an eye are placed on the hinge pin. These stops do not interfere with the hinge’s performance. The hinge pin stops stay hidden from view.

Door Immobilizers

Versatile door immobilizers are ideal for tilted floors and breezy rooms. These stops are easily movable, preventing them from becoming an eyesore. The wedge-shaped lightweight door immobilizers are usually made of wood, rubber or plastic. The premium quality and decorative immobilizers are made of ceramic, metal or stone.

Door Bell/Push Plates/Kick Plates

Doorbells offer convenience complemented by stylish appearance. The price of a doorbell depends upon its quality and design. The push/kick plates protect the doors from damage due to regular usage. The price of durable and premium quality push/kick plates ranges from $60 to $70.

The installation of updated door hardware enhances your house’s security while offering a dash of elegance. The evaluation of various options allows you to select the perfect security device for your house and to choose the door hardware in accordance with the door’s design and appearance.