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Impact Front Doors Miami

Impact Front Doors Miami

Impact Front Doors Miami

Miami, hurricane season and tropical storms wreck havoc on homes all over South Florida! Mother nature's fury can cause damage that you can never expect. It always starts when one area of your home or condo has a weak point exploited! Florida Lumber has a good selection of impact doors that . Not having an impact front door on your home will have objects flying through and once that happens, there's an explosion as the pressure builds and blows opens windows and other doors leading to outside. Below you can preview some of the different types of impact doors we have for sale!

Impact Front Doors Miami Florida

Florida Lumber Offers A Wide Selection of Impact Door Types

That's right, Miami, we have three different types of impact doors! Our selection starts with glass impact doors, fiberglass, and wood impact doors. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses. Well not really weakness, but probably just a little cheaper depending on your home or construction project. Let's explore some of those advantages below:

Florida Lumber Different Impact Doors

    • Glass Impact Doors


      These doors are great for for a great for front doors and even a back door. Replace the glass you might you have and know that a tree or other projectile won't blow open your door. Some of the impact glass we sell is made out of a textured fiberglass, smooth fiberglass or metal.


    • Fiberglass Impact Door


      These doors are made from a synthetic material that is very study and cheaper alternative than a solid wood door and still more style than a metal door. If your home project or construction budget calls for nice but not expensive, then these doors are what you want.


    • Solid Wood Impact Doors


      These are the ultimate of all our impact doors and they are going to really make your home stand out. Featuring about 3 to 4 inches of solid wood, you can be sure to avoid having deal with projectiles opening up your home. Whether that be a hurricane or vandal. They are not going to just knock this door down.


Impact Front Doors Miami FL

Benefits Of Wood Doors, Impact Capable

It's not secret that Miami has a threat from Hurricanes! Having a nice door that lifts the value of the home is still the ultimate goal, however, even just a tropical storm can send projectiles flying into your front door. Debris, trees, random objects can blow a hole in the door causing a pressure effect into the home and causing all sorts of havoc. Keep your door close and windows covered will help keep the rain out and wide range of debris on the outside. Visit Florida Lumber today and preview the quality of our impact doors today!

Miami Homeowners, Real Estate Investors, Contractors, Visit Florida Lumber Today!

Okay Miami, you've read it all, you know about our on tap supply of wood doors for the front door of a home! We have low, low prices and can arrange a great supply for your home projects! Homeowners, we have the quality selection that you need to make your home stand out! Visit our yard today!



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