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Interior Doors Palm Springs North Miami

Interior Doors Palm Springs North Miami

Interior Doors Palm Springs North Miami

Florida Lumber, is Palm Springs North Miami's best interior door supplier! We have a yard that houses a great selection of interior doors. From our moulded interior doors, to our flush interior doors, and our mdf interior doors, we can help you style your home! If you're seeking to invest into a string of properties and need a quality interior door that is snazzy and still affordable, then Florida Lumber is your solution. We've served the A1A Palm Springs North Miami Beach and South Florida greater area since 1961 and we've grown into an authority. Below you can preview some of the the different interior styles and selection:

Interior Doors Palm Springs North Miami Florida

Florida Lumber Offers A Wide Selection of Interior Doors

As mentioned above, we have a great number of doors in each of categories below. Checkout of some of the features each door type can offer you. With Florida Lumber you can find just about any door for construction projects and or diy remodeling projects for your home or condo.
Florida Lumber Different Interior Doors

    • Moulded Doors


      These type of doors are made of a composite wood. As a result, these types of doors are durable, able to resist warping, shrinkage, and cracking. These are the doors you want if your looking to

style your home

      . We feature about 10 different styles.


    • Flush Interior Doors


      Our flush interior doors are great for any home, condos, and apartments! These doors are contemporary in design; meaning they are very easy to blend in with your current house design or interior decorating. We have the two most popular

birch flush interior door


luan flush interior door

      . We also feature a standard and el cheaper option,

hardboard interior door

      . Again here, you can paint over our hardboard door and match any color scheme you have with no problem.


    • MDF Interior Doors


      Are our mfd interior doors are growing in popularity and reasonable priced. Compared to a moulded door or flush door, mdf door is made free from formaldehyde and is


      . If that's important to your home environment, then this is your door! These are also the most durable out of our three different interior door types. They are water resistant, low maintenance, and don't warp or shrink during the seasons. We also have 50 different designs!


Interior Doors Palm Springs North Miami FL

Palm Springs North Miami homeowners and real estate investors, there's never been a better or more reputable interior door vendor! Florida Lumber been around in the 60s and we've seen a lot of retailers like Home Depot and Lowes rise in America. What's great about us is that we can do milling work onsite! We build to your demand without forcing certain supply on you. You can work with our team members and we can build the door design you need.

Palm Springs North Miami Homeowners, Real Estate Investors, Contractors, Visit Florida Lumber Today!

So what are you waiting for Palm Springs North Miami! Visit Florida Lumber's Yard today and get up close and personal with our door selection. If you live in the heart of Palm Springs North Miami we're right down the road. If not, still make the trip out, doors are expensive and you should have a face-to-face view of what you're going to invest into! Come on down today!



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