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Plywood is a board that is made with different layers of wood veneers. Plywood is made available in different thickness grades and commonly found in a 4'x8' sheet. There are different types of plywood depending on the applications. The following are the plywoods that we carry and their main uses.

CDX Plywood


CDX Plywood is the most commonly used plywood in construction. It consists of a C grade face veneer and a D grade face veneer held together with exterior grade glue. CDX plywood is also available in PTP for extended protection in outdoor uses and with a fire treatment for extended protection against fire. Its main use is for roofing plywood.



Sizes in Stock:

  • 3/8 x4x8
  • 1/2 x4x8 (available also in PTP)
  • 5/8 x4x8 (available also in PTP and Fire Treated)
  • 3/4 x4x8 (available also in PTP and Fire Treated)
  • 3/4 x4x8 T&G


A/C Sanded Plywood


A/C Sanded plywood consists of an A grade wood veneer face and a C grade veneer bottom. This plywood is best if you require a smooth clean finish to your plywood. Main uses include cabinets, shelvings, and exterior soffits.


Sizes in Stock:


  • 1/4 4x8
  • 3/8 4x8
  • 1/2 4x8
  • 5/8 4x8
  • 3/4 4x8


Forming Plywood


Forming plywood is more commonly known as Plyform. Plyform is manufactured specifically to form concrete. The veneers of the plyform are lined with oil or a film so that the concrete does not adhere to the plywood. The edges are also sealed so the moisture does not enter the plywood. The grade of plyform used will determine how many uses it will yield and the quality of the finish on the wall.

Sizes in Stock:


  • 3/4 4x8 Film Face
  • 3/4 4x8 MDO
  • 3/4 4x8 HDO





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