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Tips and tricks for Miami-Dade homeowners

Miami offers one of the greatest real estate opportunities in all of the Americas. That's why so many global buyers flock here to shop for homes and investment properties. Though the market is sometimes volatile, it's a beautiful place to live, work, and recreate, and real estate values are rising across the board.

Whether you own a condo on South Beach, a historic villa in Morningside, or a couple of acres in the Redlands, Miami-Dade County is home to millions of happy residents.

But when it comes to property appraisals, paying taxes, and cutting down costs, you have to responsibly educate yourself on the best means by which to do so. Here are some inside tips and tricks for Miami-Dade homeowners.

Understanding The Rainy Season

Look, in South Florida there are only two seasons: wet, and dry. Every Summer offers a veritable deluge of torrential downpours that occur on a nearly daily basis for anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours. The storms are unpredictable, powerful, and a reality that every homeowner must contend with. Certain neighborhoods are prone to flooding, some roofs are prone to leaking, some trees are liable to get struck by lightning, and wind, water, and mud damage are as real as the water falling from the sky.

Planting Trees Can Save You Money

Everybody knows that trees and plants are necessary for the survival of humanity. But did you know they can also save you money on your property taxes? That's right. Depending where you live and and when you file, pine trees, fruit trees, and other arboreal agriculture can be planted and grown to save you money. Now how's that for money growing on trees!? Check out the Miami Dade property appraiser's website for more information.

Exemptions, Exemptions, Exemptions

Does your grandma live in a small converted apartment in your house? Exemption. Are you an unmarried recent widower? That's an exemption. Are you a veteran, have a disability, or on active deployment? These are all exemptions that you can file that will reduce your property tax burden. Check out the full list and details here.

Got Defective Drywall?

If your home has defective drywall, you will not be charged a cent in property taxes on the building during the term in which it is being officially repaired. As a caveat, you will be assessed for taxes on the land on which the house sits, as well as on other features such as a pool or patio. But the building will temporarily be assessed at zero dollars by the property appraiser and that's a significant savings. Click here to learn more about the issue.

Historic Property Exemption

You can clock in a significant savings by applying for an Ad-Valorem tax exemption for making improvements, restorations, or refurbishments of certain designated properties. This historic abatement tax exemption is good for 10 years regardless of changes in ownership. That means it can apply to you whether you made the changes or not, and that's a great thing. Just file this Certificate Of Appropriateness and you can be on your way to savingsville.

Long Term Residency Relief

If you are a low income senior who has lived on your property for 25 years or more, not only do you deserve a congratulations, and a thanks, but you also deserve a tax break. That's exactly what the county has provided since 2013, when Amendment 11 passed on this exact issue. So far 16 cities have adopted the resolution, and if you qualify for4 this, you will als likely qualify for other cost saving measures. Click here to see which cities follow this code.

You Can Report People Who Cheat The System

If you find out that a person is filing fraudulent claims for Homestead Exemptions, you can report them to the County through a nifty online form, or a phone call to a tip line. Be aware that if you use the online system, your personal information will become a matter of public record and an individual who files a public records request will be privy to that data. Click here to visit the Homestead Fraud reporting system.

Amendment 10 Is Your Friend

Way back in 1995 local voters approved a method by which to limit surprise spikes in your tax bill. Isn't that awesome? Yes it is. So how does it apply to you today? Well, simple. Your home's appraised value for tax purposes can only be raised by up to 3%. Take a look at this handy chart on the Property Appraiser's website, and learn more about how and why this affects you and the taxable value of your home.

Maintenance Is Vital

Slap a fresh coat of paint on your fence, keep your shutters rust free, pressure clean your driveway, trim the hedges, pull the weeds, polish the gutters, do everything you need to keep your house looking and feeling good as new and you will see a wealth of social, monetary, and self esteem benefits in doing so. Treat your home right and it will treat you just the same.

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

Just because you don't expect a name hurricane to smack your city this year doesn't mean you don't need to protect your assets against it just in case. Get yourself as much coverage as you can possibly afford because it will save you money in the long run. South Florida is the world's capital of unexpected occurrences. As long as you're aware of that, and act accordingly, you can minimize the financial damage of anything that comes your way.



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